• EIMS provides a full range of corporate management services.

EIMS works closely with attorneys, accountants and all other trusted advisors, becoming the central hub in the U.S. for administering investments, businesses or a family’s affairs.

Direct Investment From Outside U.S.

Direct investors establishing privately held businesses in the U.S. often cannot find competent and reliable corporate services at reasonable cost.  EIMS has observed  several patterns of direct investment where non U.S. investors will benefit from its services:

  • A non U.S. company expands into the U.S. market by forming a new U.S. entity or invests in an existing U.S. LLC or corporation
  • A multinational family invests in a U.S. business on the recommendation of a U.S. family member or business associate
  • A non U.S. investor invests in commercial or residential U.S. real estate
  • A non U.S. family acquires one or more U.S. houses for personal use

Such investments require the creation, administration and supervision of new business entities such as corporations and LLCs.  Often, non U.S. investors will not be present to organize and manage these entities and the underlying assets. EIMS is here to do this and to assure proper representation of their interests.

Independent Directors and Corporate Management Services

EIMS provides a full range of corporate management services for its clients:

  • Provision of independent directors, officers, managers and trustees for U.S. and foreign companies. Clients find this unique service especially valuable since attorneys, accountants, bankers and other professionals often cannot take on these positions because of rules or policies governing conflicts of interest, independence or professional practice.
  • Organization and supervision of U.S. and foreign corporations, LLCs and other entities
  • Corporate maintenance and record keeping
  • Accounting and payroll management
  • Acquisition, management and sale of real estate

Special Purpose Vehicles

Many investment funds and joint ventures require formation of special purpose vehicles (SPV).  These vehicles typically require corporate services that go beyond provision of a registered office and filing of an annual government form.  For example:

  • An offshore limited partnership needs a general partner
  • An offshore company needs independent directors
  • A U.S. LLC needs a managing member
  • A U.S. limited partnership needs a general partner

Often, SPVs need to be administered or owned separately from the promoters of the fund or its investment advisors.

EIMS provides the services needed, including individuals to serve as directors, officers and managers.  EIMS can also supply a U.S. or foreign owner for the SPV.

Family Office Services

  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Corporate Services
  • Property management
  • Risk management
  • Trust and investment services (through an affiliate, Jackson Hole Trust Company)

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